Secrets to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

If you are sick and tired with all the fad diets and want meaningful results then you are in the right place. We are going to take a page from the secret to losing weight. You may not know about this book because it doesn’t exist. The reality is the secret to losing weight is there is no secret, you simply need to burn more calories than what you consume well that is the simplified answer we need to dig deeper.

Fat, Protein and Carbs Oh My

The proverbial holy trinity in dieting is fats, protein and carbs. For the last couple of decades, fat has been the “bad guy” and people have been trying to remove fat from their diet. The thought process behind this seemed logical. This country has a problem with obesity so if we remove fat from the diet we can’t gain additional fat! While the thought process seemed legitimate the reality is that both protein and carbohydrate were the real trouble makers.

When we eat vast amounts of protein a significant portion of it is converted into glucose which is a form of sugar that the body can use for energy. If there is an excessive amount of glucose in your blood stream then the pancreas springs into action by releasing insulin to regulate the glucose levels. Without insulin the blood glucose levels could get into dangerous levels leading to a coma or death! While insulin is great at bringing the blood sugar levels down to more manageable levels there is a trade-off. The excess glucose in your blood stream is instantly converted into fat but this fat is the type that clogs up your arteries. The sad reality is most of us eat more carbs and protein than what we need so to borrow a page from Greys Anatomy (the medical book not the television series) we need to reduce blood glucose levels to more manageable levels.

Benefits of Having Consistent Blood Glucose Levels


If you are able to get your blood glucose levels down the amount of insulin in your blood stream would be virtually zero. You cannot lose weight when insulin is present in the blood stream so you must take all reasonable precautions to keep those levels low. An effective way of doing this is by reducing the total amount of carbs you consume to less than 20g per day. This is based on the very popular Ketogenic diet which has produced considerable results for individuals who stick with the diet over the long term. Something that you need to keep in mind when going on a low glycemic diet is that it will take a few weeks before you start to see meaningful results. Your weight problem did not occur overnight so you have to give the diet sufficient time to work. The good news is that if you stick with the diet over the long term the amount of fat built up in your arteries will go away giving you a new lease on life.