Aquarium Health and Cleaning

Fish tanks are positively beautiful. Who doesn’t want one in their living room or bedroom? However, if not properly taken care of and cleaned, it can smell, look gross, and be something that you eventually might not want to have at home. To keep things clean and nice, as well as care for the health of your fish, clean your tank regularly.

The first thing that you should be aware of is water changes. Every couple of weeks, part of the water needs to be changed. Why? Because it gets dirty. Fish feces include an amount of ammonia that, in great quantities, can poison the water and prevent them from breathing correctly.

10-20% of the water should be taken out while vacuuming the gravel. This will remove the feces, uneaten food, and the dirty water all at once.

The water that you use to replace what you cleaned should be the same temperature as the water in the tank, so you don’t shock the fish.

A smart idea, if possible, is to add the new water by pouring it through the filter. Most tank filters have products that neutralize any chemicals or additives that your tap water may have.

This leads to the second point. You need to have a filter, and the inserts need to be changed every three to four weeks, maximum. If you have a lot of fish, you might have to change it more often. It’s also important to clean the actual filter once a month or so.

The filter is important not only in filtering the water, but making sure that there is a balance of helpful bacteria that the fish need to live.

And what about the glass? You can clean the glass every once in a while to remove algae and buildup that will make it hard to see in, or you can invest in a so-called algae eater, which will clean the tank and any rocks or plastic plant you may have, for you.